Lillie Belle Farms Artisan Chocolate

created by: nice.llanto

created on: 12/11/2012 3:58:19 AM


address 211 N Front Street, Central Point, OR 97502, USA
phone (888) 899-2022


I usually come up to Ashland once a year or so due to my love of Shakespeare. Whenever I'm in town I ALWAYS go out of my way to visit.


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Lillie Belle Farms - handmade artisan (gourmet) chocolates

Lillie Belle Farms creates nationally praised handmade artisan (gourmet) chocolates using all Organic ingredients grown on the LB farm. Check us out at www.L...

Lillie Belle Farms.......Magic Chocolate Moments

A few magical moments at Lillie Belle Farms. We have to "defrost" the big chocolate tank every morning. Its a truly magical moment. This one is all about the...

FPV26: Lillie Belle Farms Chocolates

My favorite chocolatier Jeff Shepherd joins the Pastry Princess and me for a tasting of Lillie Belle Farms' newest, spiciest, creamiest chocolates, including cayenne caramels and blue cheese...

Amano Chocolates Chocolate Salon 2012

See full article An amazing explanation of chocolate by Rick Davis of Amano Chocolates teaching the steps to experience chocolate ...

Meet Me on the Bricks with Vilma Silva

In this installment of "Meet Me on the Bricks," actors John Tufts and Miles Fletchers meet up with fellow actor Vilma Silva and head out to Lillie Belle Farm...