Wimpy's Grill

created by: nice.llanto

created on: 12/21/2012 12:38:35 AM


address 617 Hicks Street, Durham, NC 27705, USA
website http://wimpysgrillnc.com/
phone (919) 286-4380
facebook https://www.facebook.com/wimpysgrillnc


I've only been here once, and all I had was the garbage burger with onion rings. I also tried getting a biscuit but they were already out (Tip: get there early because they will run out of food!) I can't attest to the other burgers they serve but the garbage burger was amazing. It was a mess to eat with the chili but oh so delicious. Honestly I don't think I will be trying any other burger, I mean, why not have the best all the time right?


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