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address 2310 Decatur Street, Houston, TX 77007, USA
phone (713) 864-2328
email [email protected]">[email protected]


I arrived at Beaver's with two friends on Sunday about a week ago for dinner. We wanted to sit on the patio, but had to go inside first to speak with the server, who then took us out to the patio and said we'd be helped soon.


YouTube Videos

These are Beaver's videos from YouTube where they have either been tagged or have mentioned Beaver's in their title, tags or description so if you want your videos to show up for Beaver's using your YouTube account, just mention Beaver's in your title, tags or description.

How Beavers Build a Lodge - BBC Animals

Sir David Attenborough narrates this fascinating animal video recording the way in which beavers build a lodge in just 20 days. Includes cute footage of baby...

Fooled by Nature - Beaver Dams

On Animal Planet's series "Fooled by Nature," Beavers create dams in order to make their living area collect more water. One beaver can chop down 200 trees a...

Nature's Engineers HD: The Dam Beaver | National Geographic Documentary

Nature's Engineers HD: The Dam Beaver | National Geographic Documentary.

Attenborough: Beaver Lodge Construction Squad - BBC Earth

The American beaver's ability to nibble wood demonstrates the stunning adaptability of these amazing mammals. In addition to creating their own lake, this fa...

Valley of the Beavers Part 1

Shows the lives of a beaver family from Spring until the midst of the following winter. The camera takes us beneath the surface of the pond and into the beav...