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address 231 East 9th Street, New York, NY 10003, USA
phone (212) 979-9674
email [email protected]">[email protected]


You know a Japanese place is legit before even trying their food when: 1) you call to make a reservation and the hostess answers in Japanese, and 2) the customers at the other tables are Japanese.


YouTube Videos

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Robataya Restaurant New York

Robataya chefs grill and serve food from behind the counter.

Robataya Chefs in Action

Robataya restaurant in NYC

Grilled Cod Fillet at Robataya NY |

The grill masters at Japanese restaurant Robataya in NYC cook tableside and present dishes on a long-handled wood board.

Robataya NY Indian Summer Festival Promo

Video by Hiroshi Kishiro /T.I.C. Sepember 16th, 2012, Robataya NY Indian Summer Festival 2012 September brings autumn winds but at Robataya, we're still cele...

Robataya New York in East Village 10.14.2009

HRS Happyman stopped by Robataya New York and interviewed a lovely Japanese couple. They are totally excited! Robataya boasts its cozy, warm, lively atomosph...