Neptune Oyster

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created on: 12/27/2012 5:13:46 PM


address 63 Salem Street, Boston, MA 02113, USA
phone (617) 742-3474


To experience the best of Boston, you have to go to Neptune Oyster. I ordered a scallop dish which was amazingly delicious and well worth my $25. I lalalaloved my food! It was seasoned perfectly and cooked right. I'm a big seafood lover but I am not fond of oysters and clams. However, as they say in the UK, "Fear Of Missing Out"... I decided to order two oysters. It was the best FOMO decision I ever made :)


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Lucy in the sky, with ... Chef Michael Serpa of Neptune Oyster!

Restaurant revolution, slingshots and shotguns, and some mighty fine impressions of John Lennon and Bob Dylan: we can't wait for you to check out our chat wi...

HYDLE - Boston Lobster Roll

Excellent. Thanks goes out to Colin True for the Neptune Oyster Lobster Roll Recommendation! It was a delight and highly recommended.

Shucking oysters at Neptune Oyster

Shucking oysters at Neptune Oyster in Boston, Massachusetts.

NEPTUNE oyster

an interested oyster enthusiast!

My 2009 Food Tour: Boston - Day 1

(9/14) Neptune Oyster Bar for seafood, Mike's Pastry for Cannoli and Boston Creme Pie, and Modern Pastry for Cannoli.