The Pit

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address 328 West Davie Street, Raleigh, NC 27601, USA
phone (919) 890-4500
email [email protected]">[email protected]


I had the best Baby Back Ribs with all of the best Southern fixins.. Wonderful service, near the museums downtown, Reasonable prices. A solid 10 in my book. Just get there and enjoy!


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Trailer for the 2010 documentary "The PIt"

Watch the trailer for the 2010 documentary "The Pit". The Pit: one of the most primitive, yet highly ritualized arenas of the financial world, The New York B...

Silversun Pickups - The Pit (Neck Of The Woods) [Lyrics]

Silversun Pickups - The Pit from the album Neck Of The Woods (2012) Lyrics: I'm marching through the branches in a fit of wanderlust To see you in a black ho...


Junior Mints.

Silversun Pickups- The Pit

Silversun Pickups perform for More songs at:

The Pit and the Pendulum

In the quest to save souls, the Spanish Inquisition will stop at nothing and knows no boundaries for evil. Under the direction of Torquemada (LANCE HENRIKSEN - "Alien," "Pumpkinhead," "Millennium") the Grand Inquisitor of Spain, Maria, a young baker's wife, is falsely accused of witchcraft and dragged before the Inquisition and the Cardinal (OLIVER REED - "Gladiator," "Three Musketeers"). Torquemada is enchanted by Maria's beauty and subjects her husband.