The Gorbals

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address 501 South Spring Street, Los Angeles, CA 90013, USA
phone (213) 488-3408


Excellent food in a great environment. Unfortunately our server forgot our last dish and we waited about 45 minutes for it to come out, which nearly killed the experience. He made up for the mix-up by getting us both drinks on the house (I had a great dirty martini). Despite this issue, the food was fantastic. The only complaint I have about the food is that it tends to be over-salted. We had the following:


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The Gorbals

Ilan Hall takes dineLA for a spin in the kitchen at The Gorbals and cooks up one of his Scottish favorites.

The Gorbals 1930 - 2011

I was commissioned by National Theatre of Scotland to complete a travelling exhibition and a short film documenting the Gorbals and Glasgow in transition. Th...

Once Upon a time in the Gorbals.wmv

This video is a dedication to all the Gorbalites past and present especially the folk who are living somewhere else in the world and still think of this part...

The Gorbals on "Unique Eats"

Top Chef Winner Ilan Hall's Downtown LA restaurant, The Gorbals, as featured on the Food Channel's Unique Eats.

ASP Geography - Glasgow Rising (The Gorbals)

The epic goegraphy presentation screened at Therfield school.