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Without a doubt, these are the best pickles ever. I can't put my finger on exactly why they are better than the rest, but trust me- they are. I bought some at Smorgasburg in Brooklyn, then tracked down some more in Whole Foods in NJ. I think they are seasonal, though. Now I see you can order them from Amazon, too.


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McClure's Pickles - CRFA Show 2011

The McClure's first learned how to make the pickles from their grandfather and parents and now they continue the tradition with a bit more room. They make th...

McClure's pickles moves into Detroit

The McClure's Pickles company is moving into Detroit.

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The Apple Sisters present an ad for their sponsor, Bob McClure of McClure's Pickles. Written by and Starring The Apple Sisters...

McClure's Pickles

Bob McClure's explains how he created his Bloody Mary Mixer by combining leftover spicy pickle juice with tomato juice and black pepper. Filmed at the 2011 Q...

McClure's Pickles!

Tried out McClure's Pickles!