Good 2 Go Taco

created by: nice.llanto

created on: 1/3/2013 12:47:31 AM


address 1146 Peavy Rd, Dallas, TX 75218, USA
phone (214) 519-9110
email [email protected]">[email protected]


Best taco place in Dallas, bar none. Paris TX taco is fabulous, I get it every time. The Paris is filled with fluffy scrambled eggs, spinach and wonderful flank steak with a roasted tomato hollandaise good! Hotlanta is my second favorite, pretty good too.


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Good2Go Taco

Tasty vittles in Dallas, Texas. Now at their own location on Peavy road, check it out!

Good 2 Go Taco

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The Box: Good 2 Go Taco Turns Box of Crap into Food

Good 2 Go's chefs make delicious food out of crap.

Good 2 Go Taco-making

We go behind the scenes at Good 2 Go Taco where we see ingredients like nicoise, Moroccan-braised chicken, sauteed shrimp, quinoa, capers, grilled steak and ...

Good 2 Go Taco's Last Day

Good 2 Go Taco's Last Day.