The Old Fashioned

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created on: 12/8/2012 10:18:40 PM



The Old Fashioned exists to pay tribute to the foods and spirits that make our state famous. Here, that means so much more than beers, brats, and cheese. Don't worry, we take all those things very seriously, but we're equally committed to preserving the unique heritage that defines our way of life. When you walk through our doors, you'll not only experience what Wisconsin was, you’ll taste what it always will be.


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The Old Fashioned

We're mixing it up one last time with a Wisconsin classic -- the Old Fashioned. Could you even ask for another cocktail at a place that goes by that name? Wa...

The Old Fashioned, Madison WI

Dinner with the girls 2010.

How to make cheese curds and drinking at The Old Fashioned in Madison, WI

Part One of Sus & Chlo on the Go- Episode 3- Madison, filmed on location in Madison, WI. Hosted, written, and produced by Susannah McLeod and Chloe Thorsbakk...

Dan Hicks - Old Fashion Christmas, Madison, WI 12-9-07

Dan Hicks & The Hot Licks live at the High Noon Saloon in Madison, WI, Sunday, December 9th, 2007, Dan's Birthday! This is one of his "Holidaze In Hickville"...

How to Make a Brandy Old Fashioned Sweet

Curb staffer Dan Niepow visits Vintage Spirits & Grill in Madison to share the recipe of a Wisconsin classic: the Old Fashioned.