Magic Hat Brewing

created by: nice.llanto

created on: 12/13/2012 6:00:15 PM


address 431 Pine St, Burlington, VT 05401, USA
phone (802) 658-2739


The Magic Hat Brewing Company has developed a delicious spell with which to welcome in and prepare for the approaching days of fall.


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The Magic Hat Brewery

I had the idea to film the inside of the Magic Hat Brewery, but I was suspicious that the folks there wouldn't want me to for some reason. Looking back on it...

Magic Hat Commercial

A Performance in Every Bottle. This commercial is being aired in certain markets on Cable Magic Hat Brewing Company, South Burlington, Vermont.

Magic Hat's Strangest Brew

The Magic Hat Crew ruminates on the strangest beers ever created at the brewery. From garlic to Gootz to gross, they've brewed it all. Magic Hat Brewing Comp...

Magic Hat #9 | Magic Hat Brewing Company | American Craft Beer Review

Real Ale Guide Reviews Magic Hat #9 By Magic Hat Brewing Company , American Craft Beer Review.

Magic Hat Vinyl Lager - Beer Review

BBA T-SHIRTS ARE FOR SALE: Magic Hat Vinyl Lager is the spring seasonal offering ...