Cozy Dog Drive In

created by: nice.llanto

created on: 1/4/2013 5:43:03 PM


address 2935 South 6th Street, Springfield, IL 62703, USA
phone (217) 525-1992
email [email protected]">[email protected]


If I had a last meal on earth, it would be a hot dog. But you know what... a hot dog isn't really a hot dog to me. It was all I would eat for years growing up. Every day, same ritual after school, steaming a dog and bun. It is one of the foods that just brings me back to happy days every time.


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The Home of the Corn Dog: Cozy Dog Drive-In on Route 66 in Springfield, IL

Learn more about Cozy Dog at Travel to Cozy Dog Drive-In on Route 66 in Springfield, Illinois. The business was started by ...

Cozy Dog Drive-In, Springfield, IL - Route 66

A short tour around the Cozy Dog Drive-In, Springfield, IL. The restaurant is a shrine to Route 66 and to itself, packed with mementos, clippings, and old si...

1991 Illinois Rt. 66 Tour

Route 66 Association of Illinois 1991 induction of nominees into the Illinois Route 66 Hall of fame. Recorded at McLean, IL on June 8, 1991, the inductees ar...

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Cozy Dog Jingle

The Lost Dogs writing a jingle for The Cozy Dog Drive-In.