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According to Yelp I'm 21 miles from Montauk Brewery but It's not that close because it's across the Long Island Sound from me. On a recent vacation to the Hamptons I had to make the trip to visit their taproom & was not disappointed.


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Montauk Brewing Company Headquartered in a converted wood working shop on Long Island's eastern most point, the Montauk Brewing Company was founded and is run...

Montauk Brew 2 Brew Race

Rowing portion if the 1st Annual Brew 2 Brew Race, Montauk, NY.

Long Island Couple Hopes to Tap into the Craft Beer Brewing Market

CENTRAL ISLIP — With the craft beer business seeing a rise in 13 percent by volume and 15 percent by dollars in 2011, a Long Island couple is aiming to break...

Track 7 Brewing Co

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