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address 1947 North Farwell Avenue, Milwaukee, WI 53202, USA
phone (414) 273-7677


There is almost always a bit of a wait...but the beer list is fantastic (including Green's GF beers!), and the mixed drinks great, so you can have something to sip on while you wait. The servers are friendly and attentive. And perhaps most importantly, the food is excellent.


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Diners, Drive-Ins, & Dives: Comet Cafe

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Comet Cafe

This is any given night at the Comet Cafe. Lots of fun people, great food, and bad parking. Just a video or random conversations and the "Pant's Down" game (...

One Hoppy Chick visits Comet Cafe in Downtown Milwaukee One Hoppy Chick reporting for Hoppy Girl Brewing showcases a fantastic spot for craft beer on draft as well as home ...

Tangential Foodie June 2012

Jen Vettrus, the Milwaukee Jewish Federation (MJF) Tangential Foodie, reviews dishes from Comet Cafe with MJF friends.

THE COMET Cafe Racer benefit KLONDIKE KATE! Anarchy in Spanaway

Live at the COMET in Seattle June 27th, 2012 - a benefit show to help victims of the Cafe Racer Shootings KLONDIKE KATE!