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address 1928 Fleet St, Baltimore, MD 21231, USA
phone (928) 353-3878


Bacon Night was once again a fantastic experience for the palate. The crowded bar that some shrill Scarlett Look-at-me-in-my-big-hat O'Hara kvetched about was merely a good sign of the desirability of the food and drink at Bad Decisions. The workers were constantly mixing fresh drinks from scratch - so yes it take a while to get your order, but you could see the staff was busy and not loafing around. It was hard for the waitress to deliver an order when she had to squeeze between people twice here size, but nevertheless she zig-zagged her way through without having to just stand there.


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Trey Songz Bad Decisions Lyrics

Trey Songz - Bad Decisions Lyrics. Album - Chapter V.