Mom's Tamales

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address 3328 Pasadena Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90031, USA
phone (323)226-9383
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We believe in 100% customer satisfaction, and guarantee you will be fully satisfied with our tamales.


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Mom's Tamales Interview

Carla and Israel from Mom's Tamales pays Victor a special visit with their beautiful gift baskets and great stories.

Moms home made tamales

This was something I thought would be good to do. Just go over all the steps for making the family tamale recipe and, show what mom is talking about.

R Dub!'s Taco Review - Mom's Tamales / Los Angeles, CA

It's another Taco-Tuesday, and this time the tacos aren't the only thing grabbing R Dub's attention!

Moms tamales

Mom makin tamales with Steven Weaver.

How to Make Beef Tamales - SUB HERE! Before you start fretting because your mom or grandma or you do not make these like this - give them a try! These are absol...