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address 3324 N California Ave Chicago, IL 60618, USA
phone (773) 279-9550
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I have not been here in person, but, while I was at work, my wonderful boyfriend waited in line for an hour and half on a Wednesday afternoon. When I arrived home, I graciously and ravenously stuffed the Foie Gras and Sauternes Duck Sausage in my face. It was so delicious! If I'm going to be honest, I have to tell you that it was quite rich, too rich for me anyway. But I'm a sucker for duck and foie gras so I was like, "eff it." I definitely plan on going to get the Hot Doug's experience before it closes in October. (articles.chicagotribune.…) I recommend everyone go do the same. :) Bring cash and be prepared to wait for a while. My boyfriend said Doug, himself, spends time talking to each customer which sound super sweet. BTW, my boyfriend (who is a vegetarian) ate a regular hot dog and said it was delicious. Just sayin' people.


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