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I don't know if these are the best wings in the entire world, but they're definitely up near the very top of the list. Anchor Bar is the place to go if you're a buffalo wing fan, if only to say you've been to the birthplace of the original buffalo wing. Overall 4 stars because as an avid buffalo wing fan it seems like a historic landmark and thus a necessary "experience."


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Buffalo's Anchor Bar

The Anchor Bar invented the chicken wing in 1964. More than 40 years later, the Anchor Bar is still serving up this worldwide phenomenon to people visiting f...

Duff's Famous Wings vs. Anchor Bar - Buffalo, NY

Who has the best wings in Buffalo, NY? Duff's or Anchor Bar? I'm settling this one....

Anchor Bar

This is the famous Anchor Bar in Buffalo, N.Y. The Home of the original Chicken Wings.

WXXI Raw Video: Chicken Wings @ The Anchor Bar

Behind the scenes video in the kitchen of The Anchor Bar in Buffalo as they plate a couple of orders of their world famous wings.