Shelby's Kitchen

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created on: 12/11/2012 4:24:27 PM


address 3952 W Hillsboro Blvd, Deerfield Beach, FL 33442, USA
phone (954) 570-8773


This place is tucked in the Deerfield Mall. This is a found Gem. I had lunch and then came back the next day and had dinner. Great food that has many items featured on the food network. They have a 25 inch hotdog that feeds 4. Also have this giant pancake loaded called the Terminator, if you can eat it, it's free. Only 2 have done it out of 500, Most of the desserts are made on the premises. Great Service. Great food.


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On The Food Scene(@ Shelbys Kitchen & Deli)

Stephen Fries talks to Shelby's owner, Erik Brinkmann, while savoring a 25" hot dog and many other of Shelby's american classics.

On The Food Scene The making of "the 'Terminator" @ Shelby's

Stephen Fries and Erik Brinkmann, owner of Shelby's Kitchen in Deerfield Beach FL, construct "the terminator" in the kitchen. It is one of the world's larges...

Shelby's Kitchen Dictionary

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Shelbys Kitchen- Episode 2, Part 1; Blue Rasberry Shaving Cream Lava Cake

How to make blue rasberry shaving cream lava cake Rated PG-13 for-Language.