Clinton Station Diner

created by: nice.llanto

created on: 12/10/2012 9:21:30 PM


address Rt 173 & Bank St, Clinton, NJ 08809, USA
phone (908) 713-0012


We go here about every other week. These people know how to run a diner. The food isn't the world's best, after all it's diner food, but it's good and consistent. Even when the place is packed, the kitchen turns out product fast, the wait staff is well trained and always friendly and place is always clean even though they never close.


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17 Pound Burger Challenge

My friends take on Zeus at the Clinton Station Diner. 7 lbs of meat, 10 lbs of everything else.

If you want to become HUNGRY for a BURGER WATCH this video

Although this Dude Bro Fails to eat the entire burger, this depicts how big the 3lb (aka 6lb) Atlas burger at Clinton Station Diner really is for anyone who ...