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address 10600 Southwest 8th Street, Miami, FL 33174, USA
phone (305) 207-6060
email [email protected]">[email protected]


Sarussi has locations across Miami, but this location actually differs from the original on 8th St and 67th Ave. Sarussi sells your normal cuban cuisine, but it's known for their giant sandwiches. They sell a cuban sandwich that reaches 16" in length!! They're huge, they're unhealthy, and they're damn good.


YouTube Videos

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Man v. Food LIVE - Sarussi's 16" Cuban Sandwich

While in Miami for Man v. Food Live, Adam scopes out the best places to chow down for the big game, including Sarussi, famous for their massive Cuban sandwic...

The Shadows - Deer Hunter (by Nathan Sarussi)

This is my version of the song played using a backing track.

Nir Sarussi - Kleizmer-Yosel Yosel

The Violinst Nir Sarussi plays kleizmer-Yosel Yosel הכנר ניר סרוסי בהופעה בחוצות היוצר אוגוסט 2011 בביצוע קטע כלייזמר - "יוסל יוסל "

The Best of Nir Sarussi - Live Concert

Nir Sarussi&Live Band in Concert,January 2011,Israel. Festivat/Concert Contact:+972-50-7974068.