Sports Grill

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created on: 12/20/2012 6:26:49 PM


address 10005 Sunset Drive, Miami, FL 33173, USA
phone (305) 598-2227


I've been putting off reviewing this place because there are a bunch of them now and it's not easy to reconcile your opinion about a chain. But I'll give my 2 cents for the Sunset location because that's the one I've always preferred and frequented the most.


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Recovery Sports Grill

Running a restaurant is the easy part. Being a sports fan, now that's hard work! The Recovery Sports Grill is a restaurant company of diehard sports fans. Sp...

Karla and Carlos visit Sports Grill

We visit Sports Grill in Miami, which has long served the best chicken wings in town.

Certified Flirts at Big Play Sports Grill Saturday Jan, 26

PARTY PARTY PARTY, LET'S ALL GET CERTIFIED! It's all about the beauty of life and the party dreams that come true! With spectacular comedians performing. Thi...

Duffy's Sports Grill on NBC Live Miami at 11

Watch Chef Eric Parker, Duffy's Sports Grill's Corporate Executive Chef, prepare Duffy's delicious Fettuccine Alfredo with Shrimp on NBC Live Miami at 11!