Lindy's on 4th

created by: nice.llanto

created on: 12/19/2012 5:36:51 AM


address 431 North 4th Avenue, Tucson, AZ 85705, USA
phone (520) 207-6970


After having seen the preposterous burgers on Man Vs Food, I needed to see this for myself. I had the Blue Baller and my gf had the Dirty Sanchez. Regrettably, I had to explain to her what that meant on urban dictionary, along with rusty trombone etc. Still worth it! And we shared a BASKET of tots and beer battered rings which were divine. The burgers are sizable and juicy.


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Man v. Food: Lindy's Burger's in Tucson

In this segment he goes to Lindy's Diner and takes on the OMG burger and interviews the owner at 1:59 Just 272 fe...

Eating the 12-patty OMFG burger twice at Lindy's on Fourth (1 of 2)

Want to see what two12-patty hamburgers look like as they get devoured? Check out the action as we give you this epic feat IN ITS ENTIRETY.

"OMFG" Lindy's 3lb burger demolished in 3:47 -- by a girl.

I had to try this challenge again so I could have a respectable time, since I'm one of only 3 people on the wall who received a sweet framed photo/document. ...

Lindy's on 4th Ave.

Lindy's on 4th Ave. Just here having some fun and trying to finish the big burgers.