Nick Tahou's

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created on: 12/14/2012 5:27:21 PM


address 320 Main Street W, Rochester, NY 14608, USA
phone (585) 436-0184


Nick Tahou's is a Rochester institution. When I think of Rochester, certain things come to mind including the Genesee, snow, Wegman's, and Kodak. Garbage Plates also top my list of associative words with Rochester and have become so ubiquitous in the Rochester region that everybody and their mother tries to emulate the Garbage Plate. Non-locals may scoff at the idea of calling a plate of food a "Garbage Plate" but let it be know that it is not in the least bit garbage.


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Unwrapped Garbage Plate

Nick Tahous Unwrapped.

Rochester Hots (I want some Nick Tahou hots!)

The infamous song about eating garbage plates in Rochester, NY! "Rochester Hots" song written and performed by Dan Didsbury and DR. SMOOV. 2006 DR. SMOOV Ent...

Food Network filming at Nick Tahou's It's been a Rochester favorite for years. The Garbage Plate made famous by Nick ...

Please Pass the Salt Potatoes - Nick Tahou Garbage Plate

Nick Tahou's is the home of the original Garbage Plate. This video is from "Please Pass the Salt Potatoes" - The Video Guide to Great Original Foods of Upsta...

Nick Tahous Garbage Plate Rochester NY Lilac Festival Tent 2012

Scoring a Nick Tahou's http://GarbagePlate.Com ORIGINAL Garbage Plate at the 2012 Rochester, NY Lilac Festival http://LilacFestival.Com Tons of Pics & Vids h...