Tin Cup

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address 1220 Rice Street, Saint Paul, MN 55117, USA
website http://www.tincupmn.com/
phone (651) 487-7967


This is a traditional neighborhood dive bar that still is welcoming to families. The menu is very creative and the food is terrific. Everything is home cooking at it's tasty, greasy best. The service is what you expect from a neighborhood hotspot...friendly and fun. I have been there twice, once for lunch and once with the family and I can't wait to go back.


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Tin Cup

An unreachable shot to the green. A hopeless romance. Driving-range pro Roy McAvoy can't resist an impossible challenge. Each is what he calls a defining moment. You define it. Or it defines you. With lady-killer charm and a game that can make par with garden tools, Kevin Costner rejoins Bull Durham filmmaker Ron Shelton for another funny tale of the games people play. For Costner's Roy, golf is a head-and heart-game. On both counts, that's where shrink Mo.

Tin Cup (down in flames scene)

The climax of the movie....235 yards in 12!

Tin Cup 7-Iron Bet

David Simms (Don Johnson) teaches Roy "Tin Cup" McAvoy (Kevin Costner) a thing or two about how to wager on golf.

Tin Roof

Clearing your brain.