The Reel Inn

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created on: 12/18/2012 12:00:49 AM


address 18661 Pacific Coast Highway, Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area, Malibu, CA 90265, USA
phone (310) 456-8221


I actually like this place better than Malibu Seafood Market Restaurant. It was also much more packed even considering the fact that this place is much bigger as a restaurant than Malibu Seafood. I like the ambiance better and the food tasted better to me. Their fish tacos were wonderful and pair it with beer.


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Trad Session The Reel Inn Donegal town

Trad Session, The Reel Inn, Donegal town.

Stephen Breslin at The Reel Inn, Donegal Town

Stephen singing at The Reel Inn in Donegal Town June 2010.

The Reel Inn

Live traditional Irish pub music. The Reel Inn. Donegal, Ireland.

Easy and Slow, The Reel Inn, Donegal, Ireland

easy and slow sung for Maureen Buscemi, god rest her soul, live at the reel inn, donegal, ireland.