La Super-Rica

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created on: 12/17/2012 5:47:05 AM


address 622 N Milpas Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93103, USA
phone (805) 963-4940


Tried to go to Lito's, but it closed at 5:00, so we went back here. Loved the # 16 though it wasn't as described on the menu. It was described as a stuffed chile, and it was all chopped up and covered with cheese, not stuffed. The tamale was just ok. We've had the tacos before, and really liked them.


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La Super Rica 622 North Milpas Street Santa Barbara

In 1980, Isidoro Gonzalez opened his family-run taqueria stand at a former fast food location on Milpas Street. The bright turquoise paint, the most distinct...

La Super Rica

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La super Rica

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La Super Rica

Expert use if the tortilladora. This taco stand has the best tacos in the galaxy. Fresh and tasty.

La Super Rica Taqueria in Santa Barbara

Tortilla making and carnes cookery at probably the most famouse taqueria in America, La Super Rica. Brought to you by