Sonny Bryan's BBQ

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created on: 12/15/2012 12:22:03 AM


address 2625 Seelcco St, Dallas Love Field (DAL), Dallas, TX 75235, USA


I still believe the best BBQ stems out of the San Antonio and RGV areas. But, the brisket here is pretty good. It's never been dry and the sauce is always tangy. I like that they keep it warm and probably more sanitary than a big open tub.


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Dallas Texas - Sonny Bryan's Smokehouse

Sonny Bryan's Smoke house on Inwood is the original location. They have nine restaurants around Dallas and Fort Worth. Drop by and see Dave, "The Barron of B...

BBQ @ Sonny Bryan's Smokehouse - Dallas, Texas | Nick Vivion explores real Texas BBQ at one of the oldest smokehouses around - the original Sonny Bryan's in Dallas.

Sonny Bryan's Smokehouse in Dallas - Located in downtown Dallas, 302 N Market St, Dallas, TX 75202. Price range*: $1-25. Established in 1910, this landmark BBQ spot ...

Stinky goes to Sonny Bryan's Barbecue

Stinky, the friendly rottweiler, decides to drive to Sonny Bryan's for barbecue. Without shoes, shirt or money, he still gets excellent service and great barbecue. Don't try this yourself,...

Sonny Bryans in macys window display

World famous BBQ celebrating 51 years of the original inwood store. There is a location in the 3rd level in Macy's dep store. (214)295-1497.