Red Rock Saloon

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created on: 12/14/2012 9:46:42 PM



I came here for the wings - and they delivered. We tried the diablo, voodoo, confessor, and desperado wings. They were all good except the voodoo - which are supposedly a garlic chili flavor but taste more like wings with marinara sauce on them. Not good.


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7 pot brain strain moruga peppers Eaten by the Red Rock Saloon Crew

7 Pot Brain Strain Moruga peppers are viciously wicked peppers. The Red Rock Saloon recently received a shipment of these peppers and as we always do , we ha...

Red Rock Saloon Burglary

It may have been closing time for one local bar, but two unknown suspects decided to open back up, ransacking the downtown business and making a quick dash f...

Gladezmen at Red Rock Saloon

Gladezmen performing at Red Rock Saloon in Fort Myers, Florida during Music Walk November 2011.

The Ragadors @ The Red Rock Saloon 10/2/11

The Ragadors @ The Red Rock Saloon 10/2/11.