Frontier Restaurant

created by: nice.llanto

created on: 12/14/2012 3:19:11 PM


address 2400 Central Avenue Southeast, The University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM 87106, USA
phone (505) 266-0550


Love the green chili vegetarian enchiladas and the house made tortillas! Love the green chili stew and the red enchiladas. Love it that there is always a place to park outside without any problems Love their take out program. Always fast and they give you everything you need. Love the decor inside, old west ranch style. Love the iced tea. Love the fact that the owners are so closely connected to this place and they manage it so nicely. And prices are also very reasonable! Seems like no matter what your budget, you will find something good to eat there!


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Cheeseburger from Frontier Restaurant

So here's what I got at Frontier Restaurant: cheeseburger, fries, and a vanilla flavored Barq's root beer from the soda fountain.

Amazing.Eats, S01E02, Beefy.Burgers, Full Episode, Food

Amazing.Eats, S01E02, Beefy.Burgers, Full Episode, Food, Adam tries the beefiest burgers at six of the best burger joints across the country. Stops include: ...

Windy and Raining and a Trip to Frontier Restaurant

So it has been raining off and on, and I decided to get something to eat at Frontier Restaurant, which is right across the street from the UNM campus.

T&SCo Hit the Frontier -- on the road with Truth and Salvage Co.

Frontier Resaturant, 2400 Central Ave Albuquerque, NM. Great place to eat authentic, institutionalzed New mexican cuisine.

A Rather Interesting Guy Outside the Frontier Restaurant in Albuquerque, NM

Just some dude getting his groove on outside the Frontier Restaurant in Albuquerque, NM across from the University of New Mexico.