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address 6230 4th Street Northwest, Albuquerque, NM 87107, USA
phone (505) 345-5339


I love Sadie's! They have HUGE portions of some of Albuquerque's best New Mexican food. I think that Sadie's chips and salsa are the best I've ever had. They're so addicting!!


YouTube Videos

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Asking Matt to Sadies

Watch it on 1080p! Alright! So I asked Matthew to sadies x) Basically, my idea was to have a Spongebob & Patrick theme. He was Patrick and was randomly given...

Asking Jomel to Sadies

NO COPYRIGHT INTENDED So every balloon had one word inside, he recieved one balloon every period from a different person each time. Since we have seven perio...

The Sadies - Lay Down Your Arms - Translucent Sparrow - Another Year Again

excerpt from the house concert television series ' the neighbors dog " featuring The Sadies.

The Sadies - Cut Corners (Official Video)

The second single from The Sadies' Polaris Short Listed album, Darker Circles. Video is directed by Rick White of Eric's Trip / Elevator fame.

The Sadies in Conversation with Gord Downie

The Sadies discuss their 2010 Polaris Shortlisted album, DARKER CIRCLES, with legendary Canadian musician Gord Downie at The Bathouse Recording Studio. www.t...