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address 3708 South Las Vegas Boulevard, Las Vegas, NV 89109, USA
website http://www.holsteinslv.com/
phone (702) 698-7940
email [email protected]">[email protected]
facebook https://www.facebook.com/Holsteins
twitter http://twitter.com/holsteinslv


My man was about to talk up a place on the east coast with the "best" lobster mac and cheese- then he swallowed a big forkful of Holsteins' and his words. Creamy tallegio-marscapone sauce and black truffles made for some excellent flavor. They didn't skimp out on pieces of lobster. The temperature of the dish was lukewarm, but so delicious neither one of us cared.


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Hear from Benner Holsteins, as they tell their robotic milking story. Today, they have four Lely Astronaut robotic milking systems, as well as Lely's Juno au...

Luck-E Holsteins Classifications 3/12-2/13

31 new Excellent, 51 1st lactation, 4 new VG-89 1st lactation!

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Fradon Holsteins.