Wright's Farm Restaurant

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address 84 Inman Road, Harrisville, RI 02830, USA
website http://www.wrightsfarm.com/
phone (401) 769-2856


Rodilanders, take your guests here for the scenery, the chicken, and the fries. Order them not to waste precious stomach space on the pasta. Just chicken & fries--and a little salad if you want. Wright's is a gigantic banquet hall in the middle of nowhere, which, when you're in Rhode Island, is still just minutes away from civilization.


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Wright's Chicken Farm Restaurant 7-11-2010

In Harrisville, Rhode Island there is a landmark restaurant that started in 1972 and has grown incredibly over the years. The restaurant now sits 1023 peopl...


Wright's Farm Restaurant, in North Smithfield, R.I., seats 1200.

Episode 40: The Food Of RI #5 - Wright's Farm

Big Al 201 makes his last stop on his tour of Rhode Island's favorite cuisine, but his promo is interrupted by a surprise guest...

Wright's Farm

This is a farm in northern ri. I went their the other day before Easter to get some pastries, milk, and eggs. Delicious food. Follow Me http://www.twitter.co...

Wright's Farm 3-9-2011

Riding around the farm as the snow starts to melt. www.eatapples.com.