The Galliker Dairy Company

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address 143 Donald Ln, Johnstown, PA 15904, USA
phone (814) 266-8702
email [email protected]">[email protected]


The Galliker Dairy Company was founded on March 25, 1914, when Louis Galliker purchased the Shreve Ice Cream Company located in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. The new company was first known as the Galliker Ice Cream Company. Ice cream was the firm's only product until competition forced the company into the milk business in 1925. In the early days, the firm made ice cream at 451-453 Franklin Street and processed milk and had its garage at the corner of Haynes and Sherman Streets, Johnstown. Louis Galliker died in January 1937, and was succeeded by his widow, Pauline H. Galliker, who had been active in the business from its founding.


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the milkman delivers Potomic Farms/Galikers drivers suck !

this Potomic Farms/Gallikers milk truck driver hits my PARKED WRX and keeps on going.. but the video shows it..

abc 23 News

Friday March 11, 2011.