Twirl and Dip

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**Call before you visit so you can get proper directions to where they are at today.** Twirl & Dip Mobile Soft-Serve Just another WordPress site Handcrafted organic soft serve, served in hand rolled sugar cones, cake cones, and compostable cups. With Tcho dark chocolate dip (with or without a sprinkle of Maldon sea salt), plus a variety of decadent sauces and toppings, our all natural fresh ice lollies, delicious ice cream sodas, and floats. At Twirl and Dip Soft Serve, our ice cream is made from the finest, freshest local ingredients. We use Straus Family Creamery dairy products, organic fair trade chocolate from Tcho and Sweet Earth, and seasonal fresh fruits and herbs from the many organic farmers in Northern California. Our baked goods and toppings are made by us, and we hand roll our own sugar cones. We also create refreshing, all natural ice lollies, and we try to always carry one ice lolly flavor that is sweetened with a natural alternative to refined sugar, like honey or agave. We are passionate about the ice cream delights we serve, and we are dedicated to bringing you the dessert you love. While vacationing in San Francisco, my girlfriend and I took a cab to Golden Gate Park to visit the De Young museum and due to the high traffic got out and walked the last 1/4 mile. En route we saw the Twirl and Dip truck and had to stop.


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