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address 75 9th Avenue, New York, NY 10011, USA
website http://www.buddakannyc.com/
phone (212) 989-6699
facebook https://www.facebook.com/buddakannyc


It's a shame there is only 5 stars because the amount of stars I would give this place, I could walk the Hollywood walk if fame.


YouTube Videos

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Buddakan's Peking Duck on Best Thing I Ever Ate

Bobby Flay tells Food Network about his favorite Peking Duck dish available at Buddakan. Chef Brian Ray also makes a cameo and explains how we make the dish.

Buddakan - New York, NY

Former chef Michael Schulson talks about the incredible layout of the restaurant and its creative modern Chinese cuisine. Get more info on Buddakan at Savory...

Serious Eats Cooks Peking Duck At Buddakan

Ever made a traditional Peking duck? Turns out it's a pretty involved process, requiring not only multiple steps but multiple days, cooking apparatuses, and ...

Serious Eats Makes Dim Sum At Buddakan in NYC

Watch Carey Jones of Serious Eats make Cantonese spring rolls and edamame dumplings, two traditional dim sum dishes, with the help of Executive Chef Yang Hua...