The Red Eye Mule

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address 1405 Church Street Ext Ne, Marietta, GA 30060, USA
phone (678) 809-4546
email [email protected]">[email protected]


I'm a fan. I had their Redneck Reuben(Smoked corned beef on Texas toast topped with coleslaw) and it was GREAT!!! I don't even think this is their best sandwich since they specialize in a Angus burgers. I can't wait to go back and try a burger.


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The Red Eyed Mule | Country & Family

Wish y'all were here with us! We're trying out a new lunch dive. -Jim.

And Red Eye Gravy, Walking Mule - Sowhatchett Mule Farm, Inc.

And Red Eye Gravy multiple reserve world champion walking mule. She is one of the best walking mules in the country! Ray, Jessica, and Amy McLean Cell: (678)...

FatBack Slim - Sowhatchet Mule Farm, Inc.

8 year old bay horse mule. 14-3 hands. Has a good gait, a lot of class and style. Would make a good mule to show or trail ride. Has a beautiful head and ear, but is pretty all over. This is...

M&M 7 - Sowhatchett Mule Farm, Inc

He's a16 hand 3 year old spotted horse mule, gentelloves people, has a good gait, been trail ridden, crosses water, Placed 3rd in the walking class at the Shelbyville Mule Show. Did well in...

Shake Rattle and Roll 10 - Sowhatchett Mule Farm, Inc.

Shake Rattle and Roll 4 year old red gaited horse mule. 14-2 hands. Has an extremely good head shake, stops good, easy to bridle, saddle. With more ridding will be a great gaited mule to...