Rubys Fast Food

created by: nice.llanto

created on: 1/8/2013 6:11:53 PM


address 3740 West Montrose Avenue, Chicago, IL 60618, USA
phone (773) 539-2669


Quite a while ago I wrote a quite lengthy review of this restaurant and babbled on and on about all the reasons I love it so much. Well, it's time to update my review and declare to the world that I'm still in love with this place! I'll try and keep this update much shorter than my previous one and if you're bored and want to read for 5 minutes you can read my prior review, but this time I'll try to keep it a more reasonable length.


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ruby's fastfood on travel channel

andrew zimmern enjoy tita ruby's dinuguan.

ruby's fastfood

as featured in chicago's best WGN9. go auntie ruby! sweeeet...

Ruby: Fast Food That's Healthy

Ruby and her gal pals learn how to make healthy meals that are ready in minutes. Get pen and paper ready 'cause you can learn too!

Fried, WGN Chicago's Best

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