Berkshire Mountain Bakery

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address 367 Park Street, Housatonic, MA 01230, USA
phone (413) 274-3412
email [email protected]">[email protected]


I live 200 miles away, but I'm lucky enough to have a local farm store that stocks Berkshire Mountain Bakery's bread. Their sourdoughs are among the best I've ever tasted--and more importantly, are the real deal. (Sourdough culture only, no yeast. Yeasted breads can just go take a hike.)


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Avishay at Berkshire Mountain Bakery

Avishay Kolatkar relays his experiences as a baker on site at the Berkshire Mountain Bakery in Housatonic, Massachusetts.

Berkshire Mountain Bakery/

BERKSHIRE MOUNTAIN BAKERY We stopped by Berkshire Mountain Bakery on a day when they were making 1500 Pizza Crusts for Baba Louie's Pizza. It was quite somet...



Richard Bourdon ~ What People Say About Macrobiotics

Macrobiotic Guide presents: Richard Bourdon Founder of The Berkshire Mountain Bakery - Macrobiotic Guide