Blue Smoke

created by: nice.llanto

created on: 12/31/2012 5:05:00 PM


address 116 East 27th Street, New York, NY 10016, USA
phone (212) 447-7733
email [email protected]">[email protected]


Great Meal. Service was spectacular and the BBQ was second to none this side of the Mason-Dixon.


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Blue Smoke 01 - Nora Roberts

Alicia Witt plays Reena, an arson investigator who, as a child, sees her family's business burn down. Years later, she purchases a home in the old neighborho...

Blue Smoke by Pixie Williams

blue smoke music video, sung by Pixie Williams.

Merle Travis / Blue Smoke

Merle Travis ''Blue Smoke''

Blue Smoke.wmv

Blue Smoke was originally written in 1940 by Ruru Karaitiana on the Troup ship SS Aquitania. It became a popular song at troup concerts and at home in New Ze...

Thom Bresh - Brian Lonbeck - Blue Smoke

Bresh and Lonbeck had an upcoming concert where they were to play ala Merle Travis and Joe Maphis. This is from the rehearsal. It is a classic Merle Travis s...