Cafe Jacqueline

created by: nice.llanto

created on: 12/31/2012 9:11:03 PM


address 1454 Grant Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94133, USA
phone (415) 981-5565


This was definitely one of those nights when all caution would be thrown to the wind. And by that, I mean we ordered a bottle of champagne and a souffle. The souffle Grand Marnier to be exact. Watching your carbs, sugar, and cholesterol? Get outta here! Life's too short.


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La belle fille d'Edith Piaf, fille de Lucienne Boyer et de Jacques Pills (Jacques Pills remarié à Edith Piaf)

CAFE V3 Feb 2011 - Jacqueline Chun

Jacqueline Chun singing at V3 cafe night.

Jermaine Jones' "Winter White Affair" Indie artist Cafe | Jacqueline Kemp

Jacqueline Kemp fondly known as Jacqui was the featured artist for the Dec 21st Cafe @ The Firehouse Cafe. Jacqui put her style on some Christmas tunes.

Jacqueline Bisset & Hart Bochner - Rich and Famous - Café Scene

Jacqueline Bisset (Liz Hamilton) and Hart Bochner (Chris Adams) in a scene from Rich and Famous (1981). Liz and Merry Noel become friends as college roommate...