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address 1524 Neptune Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11224, USA
phone (718) 372-8606


Some people think Di Fara is the best. Is it because they're entranced by the stage antics of the tiresomely wacky Dominic, the capo di tutti capi of his Avenue J rat's nest? Sometimes he's burning the hell out of your pie; sometimes he's drenching it in olive oil; sometimes you have a pretty great pizza. Maybe people are just amazed to learn that Brooklyn has lettered avenues and that a pizza pie can cost $32 (at that price, it's gotta be good, amirite?).


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Day 31b, Pizza Month 2010; Totonno's (Coney Island, Brooklyn)

DAY 31: OCTOBER 31st, 2010 LOCATION: Totonno's (Coney Island, Brooklyn) ORDER: 1 slice of cheese GUEST: Scott Wiener, Ronnie Palmer, various other pizza tour...


Brooklyn Pizza is pure pizza porn. Follow the making of a classic Brooklyn pizza, step-by-step, from dough to finished pie. Watch as the masters of pizza fro...


Historic Pizzeria "TOTONNO'S" reopens in Coney Island. Closed for several months after FIRE. Daniel Bellino checks it out with Brother-in-Law Noel. Daniel an...