Ice Cream Smuggler

created by: nice.llanto

created on: 1/3/2013 2:50:55 AM


address 716 Main Street, Dennis, MA 02670, USA
phone (508) 385-5307
email [email protected]">[email protected]


What is there not to like about this place?! I must have been here three times during my vacation because I couldn't get enough of the ice cream.


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Smuggler Best Thing I Ever Ate

The Ice Cream Smuggler, 716 main street, Dennis MA Featured on food network show "best thing I ever ate"

Jay Troutman smuggling Ice Cream

No explanation needed.

Ice Cream Sandwich With Duff-Brooklyn, NY-Food Network

Duff says his fave ice cream is so good it holds the secret to world peace. This video is part of The Best Thing I Ever Ate show hosted by Duff Goldman . SHO...

British family charged £54 for four ice creams in Rome

Two British couples were charged 64 euros (£54) for four ice cream cones, while on holiday in Rome. When they queried the price they were told the ice creams...