The Old Country Store

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address 18801 Highway 61, Lorman, MS 39096, USA
phone (601) 437-3661


Alton was right. This establishment is home to the best fried chicken you will ever eat. I don't care who you are or who your mom was. Mr. D beats you. The man produces perfection embodied in fried chicken. It's a work of art. You must go, but I warn you: no other fried chicken will ever taste as good as long as you live.


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The Old Country Store has served a variety of purposes in its 130 year existence. The old store has been everything from a general store to a bus station. Ar...

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Up in the High Country of North Carolina, there are several authentic old-time country stores that still have the personalized service and down-home feel the...

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July 3, 2011. Red White and Bluegrass Festival, Morganton, NC.

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Mr. "D" singing to the patrons at the "Old Country Store" in Lorman MS, home of the "Best Fried Chicken".


Bow and family visit ''The Old Country Store'' Moultonbourogh NH , Claimed to be the oldest coutinuously run store in the United States , this is one of the ...