Home Run Inn

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address 1300 Internationale Parkway, Woodridge, IL 60517, USA
website http://www.homeruninnpizza.com
phone (630) 783-9696
email [email protected]">[email protected]
facebook http://www.facebook.com/homeruninn
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Mary and Vincent Grittani open a small tavern—seating just 40 people—on the South Side of Chicago. A baseball from a neighborhood game breaks one of the front windows, and Home Run Inn is born.


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Excursions travels to Chicago to visit Home Run Inn. Home Run Inn Pizza continues to be a family owned and operated establishment with 7 restaurant locations...

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The directors bold vision of a terrifying tale of those that refuse the power of the Home Run Inn Pizza.

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Chicago - It started as a small tavern on the South Side in the 1920s, and today you can find Home Run Inn pizzas across the country. Although the Home Run I...

S-A-S Pizza Night: Home Run Inn Classic Pepperoni Pizza

Home from a long day at work, the man in the backwards hat hopes to hit a home run with his selection for Pizza Night. Comment below and be sure to subscribe...

New Home Run Inn Pizza Commercial

Check out the brand new Home Run Inn pizza TV commercial. See it here first. There are lots of hidden secrets in this commercial...what do you see?