Bragg Family Farm

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address RR 14, East Montpelier, VT 05651, USA
phone (802) 223-5757
email [email protected]">[email protected]


They are such sweet and friendly people! I never knew maple syrup could be used for so many things- candy, ice cream, and popcorn to name a few. The maple creemee was amazing, as were the rest of the things we sampled. It's expensive but it's good to support a farmer. I was always happy with Aunt Jemima until I came here. Now that I've tasted the real stuff, I never want anything else again!


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Oxfordshire Sandy & Black Pigs at Shillingford Organics

Oxfordshire sandy & black pigs at Shillingford Organics, ploughing through couch grass. These pigs are on loan from West Town Farm, Ide. Andy Bragg owns West...

Singer, Duchess Sylvia Valentina Visits Patricia Bragg

Singer, Duchess Sylvia Valentina Visits Patricia Bragg at the Bragg Organic Farm in Santa Barbara.

Baby Chick Born with Four Legs

A baby chick is born with four legs. A bizarre chick was recently born in Mississippi. The Rankin County farm owner's daughter, Annette Bragg discovered that...

Enterprise Farm

Real Kids Real Food spend day at Enterprise Farm April 16, 2013.

Billy Bragg - Greetings To The New Brunette - Rough Trade East - 17.03.13

Live at Rough Trade East - 17th March 2013 - 17.03.13 All rights reserved to the artist. No copyright infringement intended.