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address 1413 Upperline Street, New Orleans, LA 70115, USA
website http://www.upperline.com/
phone (504) 891-9822
facebook https://www.facebook.com/UpperlineRestaurant
twitter http://twitter.com/upperline


I participated in a contest on twitter to suggest a dish for the chef to prepare. I suggested they try a Chile Relleno dish, being a traditional New Orleans restaurant I was curious to see their take on this dish.


YouTube Videos

These are Upperline videos from YouTube where they have either been tagged or have mentioned Upperline in their title, tags or description so if you want your videos to show up for Upperline using your YouTube account, just mention Upperline in your title, tags or description.

Gumbo at Upperline Restaurant with Chef Kenneth Smith

Jason makes Duck and Sausage Gumbo with Chef Kenneth Smith at Upperline Restaurant in New Orleans. Jason Perlow / Off The Broiler Producer: Jason Perlow.

The New Orleans Food Story Series - Upperline, Part2

Part 2 The Upperline Food Story.

The New Orleans Food Story Series - Upperline

Part one of the upperline story.

Upper Line

Nw north woods northwoods.

Upperline's at New Orleans

It take place after Comic Con in New Orleans on last weekend of January. We try out one of amazing cajun restaurants in old heart place. Upperline's, 1413 Up...