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We drove an hour and a half, partly to eat here again. I had just come back from Taiwan and was starting to crave good Chinese food...and ta-da! This is the only authentic-tasting Chinese food I've had in New England. Much of the menu is Taiwanese "small bites" or tapas style, meant to be shared between people.


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Pebble "...a single pebble on a sandy beach..."

"...a single pebble on a sandy beach...." http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9uPI1mPWQDE&fmt=18 Poem: CRAZYDIAMOND Images: MENCHULICA Music: JESS BOTTLES (c)2009...

Garpy and a single litter-pebble

A single recycled paper litter-pebble provides Garpy with amusement and exercise. Was he playing with twigs and leaves when he was in the urban wilderness?

The Pebble - A Jemi One Shot - Part Five

Part Five It was a few weeks before Christmas and people were hurrying through the city and the shops. Barely anyone had the time to halt for a minute and ju...

Rock Balancing Philippines Story

Rock balancing is both art and advocacy for two Filipino environmentalists Rizal Province, Philippines - Two Filipino nature lovers share the art of rock bal...

Cinema 4D Pebble animation created with a single plane

Pebbles were created with a single un-edited plane object. The secret lays in the use of cinema's deformers.