Charlie the Butcher's Kitchen

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address 1065 Wehrle Drive, Buffalo, NY 14221, USA
phone (716) 633-8330
email [email protected]">[email protected]


We made it pretty clear we were food tourists, and they were happy to help us out. For newcomes, note that you want a beef on deck, then add a dollop of horseradish and horsey sauce. Lots of locals eating here had the prime rib sandwich, which looked fantastic.


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Charlie the Butcher shares his Beefy Secrets!

Charlie the Butcher shows us how he uses Alto-Shaam equipment to create his signature sandwich.

Charlie the Butcher (The Best Thing I Ever Ate)

The Best Thing I Ever Ate (At a Deli) Authentic Entertainment Episode #EV0404 9/24/2010.

Ellen Dr. -close to everything - great space!!

For more details click here: 365 Ellen Cheektowaga, NY 14225 $70000, 3 bed, 1.0 bath, 1004 SF, MLS# b406936 ...

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