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We went here for my father's birthday after I have heard about it from a friend. I had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. We started out with the grilled bread with prosciutto and mozzarella (WOW), we shared a spinach salad (WOW), and we each got an entree to share. I had the butternut squash pasta (amazing), my mom got the trout special (sauces were out of this world) and my father got the roasted chicken with malt-o-meal (to die for). These dishes were seriously something special and VERY reasonably priced.


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Ar Tonelico 3 謳う丘~Harmonics TILIA with lyrics

アルトネリコIII「謳う丘~Harmonics TILIA」 ニコニコ動画からの転載でなくうp主制作 歌詞付き ヒュムノスフォントver1.1使用.

【アルトネリコ】 「謳う丘~Harmonics TILIA~」 【志方あきこ, L-M-P】

Arranger: L-M-P ◊ Album: 虹色クレヨン ~Orgel Arrange Mini Album~ ◊ Circle: VAGRANCY ◊ Release date: August 14, 2010 (C78) ◊ Website: http://www.vagrancy.jp/nijii...

Le Moulin bouge - Tilia

Geschnitter 2-Minuten-Auszug aus dem Programm vom 24. April 2008.

Edible Plants Basswood Leaves Tilia spp.

Basswood is a tree with many uses, here's one.

謳う丘 Singing Hill ~Harmonics TILIA~ with English lyrics

This lyrics was corrected by BJMC555, thanks!! Since AT3 was released, I'm going to translate the songs of it. This song is AT3's OP, you'll be able to under...